Friday, December 31, 2010


That's what we will tell ourselves. We're tired of being sad and thinking of all the things that we haven't done or haven't done right. All the things we've dreamed of that we haven't accomplished or now believe we can't accomplish have weighed on us for too long. This year we will do things that we've always wanted to do and never thought we could do. We're gonna crack open that hard shell we have made to show the world and say fuck it. We are who we are and if the current celebrities we have to work with are worth the general public's time and interest then so are we. It's time to say fuck the obstacles, fuck the haters, fuck the folks who don't wanna give us the time/love/attention/support/appreciation we deserve. Make your voice heard and your presence felt, make your mark on everything that you do. Have the pride for yourself that you've always been afraid to have, have the confidence in yourself that people who don't know you try to deny you. We've gotta find the time to do not only what we are good at but what we love to do. If you aren't skilled enough then practice, if your not smart enough then learn, and if your just plain mad at the world then lead by example instead of retribution. Let's teach the world about love and strength and power and grace. Let's do some trials by fire and let the burns we receive toughen us, instead of the bitterness and hate. Let's be brave or fearless even. Let's stop watching viral videos and become them. Let's be the people that people want to record cause we so awesome. Don't even think for a moment that you can't do this because there is a person you let out when your all alone, the one that dances in the mirror and sings silly songs and kisses themselves in the mirror. The person that has long deep imaginary conversations with people they admire or hate in their head. The person you dream of being or at least you wish you were more like every day. That's you! I hope to meet you in the coming year!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Are shitheads. They allow some team of schmucks to come in and tell them what to look like, what to wear, sometimes even who to date and marry. I find it hard to believe that any dream life is worth that bullshit. I think that they hook you with the perks just enough to enslave you. They give you some of the good shit (money,freegifts,outfits onloan from top designers) asap then they hook you with that shit and you will do anything they ask thereafter. That's why many who start early are so fucked up later. They are convinced by those around them that any other way to live is bad. The star often ends up being shitty to those around them because they are not the big shit star they appear to be. They are beneath their agent or manager or whoever has the big job offer they want. They are always second in line to someone else. So when a normal Joe treats them like a normal joe the wrath is unrivaled in it's intensity. They need to feel more important to you cause at work they are not the top of the totem and everyone above them on the totem shits on them regularly. The reason that the celebrity is to blame is that they actually tolerate this shit. They ARE Shitheads.

The End

Friday, November 5, 2010

So I should write a book...

I mean the most vapid people in the world are doing it. Some of them have several. These fake ass celebrities that devour any sense of real life, the kind that poison people by being a role model. You know what though, it's not their fault. They wouldn't be famous unless some idiot hadn't said "I wanna be just like him/her." I want to be famous for nothing. Don't we all? I suppose my options are workout and use steroids until I look like a freak of nature, golddig to feed my habit of platic surgery until I look like a freak of nature, be trashy and constantly aggressive to people that don't deserve it or make a sextape with someone more famous then me. Strangely none of these things appeal to me. I guess the other route I could take is political wherein I would state random things like "Studies show that if you have sex before your married it could set off a nuclear warhead." These studies will have been conducted in my armaggedon dream world where I am lifted to Heaven while all those who saw things differently then are melted down in Satan's giant crock pot of doom. The sad thing is, some nutball would believe me and when they caught their daughter with her high school sweetheart would throw the entire family in the storm cellar filled with bottled water, toilet paper and Spam never to be heard from again. Perhaps this IS the way to go.

I*=whatever random propaganda they were convinced of by any of the following: Parents/Church/Slanted news media/classmates/hollywood/MTV/facebook/Sarah Palin

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Discussions with friends

The thing I fear anytime I am unloading my crap onto a friends are these reactions:

Competition-as I talk about my issues they begin to prattle off their own to the point that it has trasformed into how much their life sucks then you have to try to edge your way back into the conversation. Then you feel like a bitch for redominating even though you intially had the floor.

Trying too hard to fix it for you-the crap receiver tries hard to find a solution to the point that you feel as though they are just trying to make the talk go away.

Cliche responses- I'm not talking the expected I'm sorry or that sucks but more along the lines of "well everything happens for a reason" or "think positive" I'm not buying it and it's not how I feel. If I'm even mentioning it chances are I tried those things already and it didn't work.

Passing out- it has happened before that I was opening up about something really deep and as I talked the person fell asleep. That's a pretty bad rejection.

I dedicate this post to those people who know how to listen and teach me how to listen better by example!!<3

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Alter Ego

I need to create an alter ego. I actually need to create my old ego. The one that was funny and happy and rebellious and interesting and sexy and confident. Sorry to sound like a girl but I am not happy the way I am and I need to change. I want to shut down my facebook and quit my job and live in the woods as a survivalist at this point but I think it would turn into one of those moments that seemed like a good idea at the time. Instead, I think I will swear off something, maybe all internet aside from email for at least a week. Then I can tackle TV. I need to stop caring about what others think of me but more importantly I need to stop caring what I think of them. When you think of things like that it effects how you act also so fuck that. I think that most social networking is just banality that you don't like at work now available at home. I'd be better off just avoiding it. It actually makes me feel more out of touch with the world. It's time I went underground. My personality needs to be pulled from the ashes and rebuilt. I will be the new million dollar man. Check back for updates;-P

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Let's see what happens...

Flailing in a sea of coarse realities, hope and dread are neck and neck, the day of telling is soon. The end, the beginning, the day I accept that life is the bane of my existence. Must I know, can't I just go on denying an awful truth? Is it worse if you know? Would that man have still died so soon if he hadn't known about the cancer? I always ask it. He was happy and at peace until he found out the awful truth, then everything fell apart. Life separates into columns and clumps of sense and reason versus emotion and optimism. You search for the information that builds the guillotine for your hope, you search to help and end up slaying optimism. The reality pushed upon you by the professionals, it's important to know, I suppose so that you can suffer appropriately. Loved and lost may not be as good as they say but I guess only time will tell.

*No, as far as I know noone has cancer or is even thought to possibly have cancer.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Either sleep is overrated or life is overrated, I'm still trying to work out which

many of the woman of our current time period are normal weight to obese, but all the magazines and movies have these emaciated looking woman. Do you think that in the old european paintings they were also painting the opposite of their reality and that woman of that time period were actually horribly thin?

Is rich really as awesome as it sounds? I would say yes if you could use the money the way you wanted to.

People complain about how stupid and selfish Americans have become and then they go into a store and give shit to a kid who makes less in a year then they do in a month about some shit that is probably their fault anyways

sometimes i wonder how many people in the world have random sexual encounters with complete strangers, no strings attached on a daily basis

Ah lust...

Such a great and infantile emotion full or drama and turmoil. It can raise a person's emotions to dizzying heights or lower them to cavernous depths. I love the emotion lust. There are surprisingly few, well written songs about lust that I am aware of and some are by the most shameful artists for you to admit you have in your collection,even to your friends. Anyhoo I'm gonna try to write about something lustful right now (not naughty but emotional."

A look exchanged, a hidden smile
a voice with rasp, the face of guile
a secret word, an occluded touch
but ne'er a kiss, that'd be too much
a daydream sweet and tinged with want
it's more like teasing then a taunt
that rush of need, those butterflies
at just the sight of those wishful eyes
but it shall pass, just as before
just aftertaste and nothing more

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Anger is a gift best served cold

I got very angry about an ongoing issue that has emanated worry and frustration for quite some time. It peaked for the third time this evening and I was at a loss for what to do. There are all those catchy little mouth vomits like "just roll with the punches" and "keep your head up" but few would be able to take the blows of life repeatedly and not want to destroy something. I attempted to do what I used to do when I was younger and shred. I threw some Pantera on my ipod and soon realized that I was no longer young enough for this to work. When you are young and don't really have any problems you have to find things to be pissed off about i.e."fuck the cops" "the government totally sucks" "my parents don't understand me."

It's not that none of these things are true, it's that you don't know why they are true. Once you are old enough to understand the world a little better, you find out why these things are true, there is no music that can banish the contempt of an asshole boss, nothing you can destroy that will make people drive better, no amount of cutting could make you breath any easier. The far removed status of youth is gone, you know now, you understand and it sucks. You know that Jack Nicholson line from A Few Good Men? Yeah I wish that had been the graduation speech at my suburban high school. Just those few lines to really sum up life as an adult. Part of youth however is not listening to people who say things like that so maybe it would have been a lost cause.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Quality and standards

I am learning to be chill again

I am learning to be nice again

I am learning to devote more time to my family

I am learning that I don't like wallowing

I am learning that I don't yearn for pity

I am learning that good things can make you a bad person if you let them

I am learning that awareness of one's self is a necessity but an obsession with oneself is a really bad thing

I am learning that balance is hard to reach and next to impossible to sustain

I am learning that I have been missing some things for years now

I am learning how to be the old me

I am learning to stand up for what I believe in

I am learning that even long breaks are necessary sometimes

I am learning that not everything was as it seemed and I was way too close to see that before

I am learning that my children's pain and suffering (when going on) cannot be "outdone" in my eyes

I am learning that many people have a hard life and I am very blessed to be fortunate

I am learning that I can use my sympathies for more then one person at a time when used properly

I am learning that friendships shouldn't be draining

I am learning that I can't have a friendship that involves walking on egg shells

I am learning that I am strong

I am learning that some steps have to be taken and some steps already have

I am learning that I have a great deal of thinking to do

peoples,peoples,peoples vol. 2

Woman are interesting creatures. Enslaved from birth to fit a pattern of pleasing and neediness. Makeup, hair, clothes are all training for womanhood. Looks are paramount. There are no fat princesses. There are no all natural queens. We are taught to aspire for the white dress and the white picket fence and the white horses to draw the white carriage that takes us to our sparkling white kingdom. Love is submission. So we are taught to be selfish and nuturing, superficial and doting, beauty queens and doormats. No wonder we are so fucked in the head by the time we are teenagers. We prance around being cute, hoping your perfume will scent mens dreams, hoping the 2 hours we spent getting ready will convince every man we see that we are the Cinderella, the Snow White. Most however are Pinnochio's. Manipulating through sex and guilt trips and image and lies. If we are skinny, we are beautiful, unless we are flat chested, then we have surgeries, self mutilation to create a bigger badder legend that could never hold water if the conversation passes 15 minutes in length. We are taught to want to be wanted, we are taught to need to be needed, and we are taught to take more shit then we can just so that we can be the demure little Barbie fantasy for all the Ken's out there. Then they teach the men that skinny is beautiful, big boobs are beautiful, long legs are beautiful. Slutty outfits are a must until the vows have been said then it's house dresses and aprons from then on. Perhaps it not as bad as all this anymore, perhaps it's even worse but much like anything else all these truths are self perpetuated.


First breath of spring
so stinks of wanting
the birds that sing
a tale of haunting
The bees that flit
and threaten pain
the greenest grass
from the heavy rain
the flowers shy
from the dregs of cold
the winters left
still you feel old
your insides gray
like the season waning
return the smiles
we all like feigning
the frigid curse
that shall return
gives way to sunshine
and it's burn.