Saturday, October 24, 2009


Shortening time with nowhere to climb
how now I could fall so gracelessly
Plummeting down so close to the ground
the fear it attacks so baselessly
I'm feeling the wind pour on me again
and wondering just when the hit will come
The rope set to snap to take the heights back
and send me right back where I started from

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We're doing it all wrong
Trying to make everything right
You can either play along
or take up your weapon and fight

Don't matter what you say
there will always be one
who's gonna scream nay
and then the battle's just begun

Some seem so blind to the world
they can't even see themselves
so angry words are hurled
from the glass house in which they dwell

I don't think anybody knows for sure
I don't think anybody knows what's pure

Sunday, October 18, 2009

This will be it(I must vent just this once)

I am sick of politics, I am sick of one side being full of people who don't seem to give a shit about anyone but themselves and whoever throws obscene amounts of money at them. I am Sick of the other party constantly saying look how evil they are and how much they suck. I'm also sick of people piling on the president who seems to be the only person in this situation right now that has any sense and respect. I want to be a good citizen and read and get all the info but unless I read it from 15 different sources and compare notes I'm fucked cause I only got 1/16th of the story. This fucking sucks people, it sucks so much that even the smart folks can't keep up with all this bullshit. Then there are all the people that have been so brainwashed by the fakest fuckin media ever that they are fighting their own interests!! We should not be in a country where a propaganda machine works this well. we should not be in a country where when people beg for help people yell back get a job. We shouldn't be in a country where people's contrived paranoia resembles The Holocaust in there minds. Are you fucking kidding me. Can't we just put a couple of them in a concentration camp and see if they think it's the same? They right looney's offered to get waterboarded why don't they start up a "fake" concentration camp to show them what it's really like. And all those whitey's whining that they are now oppressed, just like the black people were, under Obama? Give the black people their reparations in the form of plantations and white slaves and let them have just a week where they can treat the white folks like they were. Let's kick all the white kids out of the good schools and make them go to school in the bad neighborhoods. They have no fucking conceptions about what they are talking about. Give me a fuckin break people. You are disgusting and horrible people, YOU are the ones ruining the country with your need to be worse off then the people you wouldn't throw a penny too from your car window. You can't get a riding mower? They can't get shoes, food, medical care, shelter, protection from violent crime so FUCK YOU, I don't give a shit about your strife. Guess what people the giant fat hog that we have been living off of for so many years is dead, the scraps are gone, the bones are clean and the marrow has been sucked out. We are fucked. So now you want to blame someone and Obama seems like the guy for the job. Read just one article, just one. Do you really believe that Obama spent all that money just since he got here? Do you really think that he made the stock market crash somehow through his acorn connections just to make Bush look bad? Did he give the first bailout through Bush via mind control? I bet you Glenn Beck has proclaimed at least one of these theories (if not all) as truth. Stop getting your information from lunatics and assholes only. They are LIARS!!!!! LIARS!!!! Give me my motherfucking country back, get a heart, and stick your fucking teabag in someone else's face because there is proof out there that everyone of your crackpot theories is not only wrong but magnanimously idiotic. Also, those of you that want to tell people to drop Bush because that was the past? We will still be fixing his mistakes when my grandchildren's grandchildren have grandchildren so fuck you too.

paper & quill

Can't come to grips with this digital age
What's wrong with ink upon a page
I miss the fibers, I miss the bleeds
A heavy pen that will not impede
A hard wood desk so the sounds are loud
the sound of the scribble like a roaring crowd

The scratches and swoops, a cursive r
soothing the pain and smoothing the scar
and if you start again on a fresh page of white
the old page remains to remind, as is life.


We toil over words like we toil over clothes and hair and how we smell and if others will approve but words much like those other things really don't mean anything. Life makes sure of that. Think of all the "I wish you were dead" stories you've heard in your life. That wasn't what it meant when they said it, not really, but life made sure that the wish was granted nonetheless. Think of all the praise or compliments you get through the day that is dismantled in a back room out of earshot, or just the people you know hate you that always greet you warmly and gush about your look of the day. Then later you hear the truth from your coworker who had lunch with them. Words work for functionality and are pretty necessary for your day to day dealings but, when a tribal vocalist can bring you to tears with guttural sounds and a driving drum beat, it makes you realize that words really are only so important. Don't listen to the woman bitching at you, listen to the pain in her voice that punctuates the words and try to picture where it comes from. Next time you talk to a curmudgeonly senior citizen try to hear the wisdom in their voice. Next time someone spews hate try to see if you can tell if it's actual hate. It could be fear, it could be pain from one bad experience, or it could just be what their support system in life has always told them and maybe they just don't know yet what the truth really is.  More on words later...