Friday, December 31, 2010


That's what we will tell ourselves. We're tired of being sad and thinking of all the things that we haven't done or haven't done right. All the things we've dreamed of that we haven't accomplished or now believe we can't accomplish have weighed on us for too long. This year we will do things that we've always wanted to do and never thought we could do. We're gonna crack open that hard shell we have made to show the world and say fuck it. We are who we are and if the current celebrities we have to work with are worth the general public's time and interest then so are we. It's time to say fuck the obstacles, fuck the haters, fuck the folks who don't wanna give us the time/love/attention/support/appreciation we deserve. Make your voice heard and your presence felt, make your mark on everything that you do. Have the pride for yourself that you've always been afraid to have, have the confidence in yourself that people who don't know you try to deny you. We've gotta find the time to do not only what we are good at but what we love to do. If you aren't skilled enough then practice, if your not smart enough then learn, and if your just plain mad at the world then lead by example instead of retribution. Let's teach the world about love and strength and power and grace. Let's do some trials by fire and let the burns we receive toughen us, instead of the bitterness and hate. Let's be brave or fearless even. Let's stop watching viral videos and become them. Let's be the people that people want to record cause we so awesome. Don't even think for a moment that you can't do this because there is a person you let out when your all alone, the one that dances in the mirror and sings silly songs and kisses themselves in the mirror. The person that has long deep imaginary conversations with people they admire or hate in their head. The person you dream of being or at least you wish you were more like every day. That's you! I hope to meet you in the coming year!