Monday, November 28, 2011

Soul years

Imagine your soul as a separate part of your being. It is a living thing but it eats differently, sleeps differently and performs all the other ho hum human functions in a different way. Perhaps instead of sleeping when you sleep, it sleeps when you aren't pursuing/doing what you love. That could explain why we feel so much more alive when we are doing those things that make us happiest. The bigger concept I had however, is, what if our souls age differently then us? What if every time we experience intense hardship it gains more years. Every time we struggle and feel we may not make it it adds more time, but also more wisdom. So when we do get to the other end of the struggle we are wiser and more equipped for what may come next. This seems like a useful thing that with hardship we become more prepared for what lies ahead. Let's think though about grown ups and even the elderly. Some of them become rigidly set in routines and points of view that seem to disconnect them from the world. It can even build this shell around them, though protective, cuts of any sound or interaction in a true sense.

I propose that we treat our souls just like this. When we go through difficulty, take time to heal but then try to notice how your perspective on the world has changed. It wouldn't be any easy task because the types of things I'm thinking of tend to change the way your world looks anyway. If you can connect with it though and decipher the change, the next step would be to reinforce the youthful aspects of your nature so as not to cement yourself in this new view of the world. I believe with deep thought and practice this is possible and even if you can't work it all out the exploration is a healthy thing.