Thursday, April 28, 2016

National Poetry Month part 4

April 19th:
Each day I am grateful
For those select figures
Who have crossed my horizon
And made it much bigger

April 20th:
She laughed
because she didn’t know just what else she could do
She smiled
because the pain she felt was so profoundly true

April 21st:
Your smile is in a dialect
That only you’ve created
But luckily it is the phrase
most easily translated

April 22nd:
Sometimes art flows like the seas
Destroying what the past had built
It runs you through with joy and pain
Until your heart can feel the hilt

April 23rd:
Yesterday is not worth chasing
That piece of time’s expired
Instead find what will make today
Feel equally inspired

April 24th:
What grounded the fair butterfly
No gentle breeze in spring?
Alas though winds were plentiful
She’d forgotten she had wings

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Regality rings from each step
Though she was never crowned
Her face it brims with peace and joy
As if she’s never frowned

You feel her walk into a room
Although she’s unannounced
Her smiles burst like explosions
Her laugh is poised to pounce

Her arms fill in your empty spaces
When held in her embrace
Sometimes she stumbles publicly
Giving clumsiness a grace

She openly donates her tears
When yours don’t seem enough
She knows the things that need be said
Dispensing of the fluff

You know her eyes see so much more
Then she chooses to reveal
You know her heart has room to hold
The many that she’ll steal

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Case for Names

Various voices sounding aloud
a swell of ideas from a disjointed crowd
faces of red, words filled with fight
screaming in anger, wailing with plight
guttural rage spills from the fringe
some who have added a choke or a twinge
cacophonic pain of what is just life
tired of ignorance, wasted from strife
phrases decaying just as they speak them
The louder the voice the more the words weaken
like stones or like bullets shot from too far
they may feel your sting but care not who you are

Monday, April 18, 2016

National Poetry Month part 3

April 13th:
I don’t always find it easy
To come up with a verse
But I know if I didn’t
My life would be much worse

To see my pain on paper
Made up of all these letters
Gives lightness to the hurting
And makes me feel much better

April 14th:
When they finally see you
And the way that you shine
They’ll know of a wonder
That none can define

April 15th:
I realize this statement
Will just seem like conjecture
But I bet the fur of unicorns
Is the most sublime of textures

April 16th:
When the need to fly embraces you
When a passion burns within
Unleash it with tenacity
To scare away life’s din

April 17th:
Worries that hide in the deepest recesses
Snowballing forth with the smallest of stresses
You, their creator hath nothing to fear
For ‘tis you that accepts that the worry sleeps here

April 18th:
“I can’t stop now”
Oh yes you can
Or better still
I’ll lend a hand

The Rabid Pit

As my thoughts go sinking
into that rabid pit
that replays the occasions
of the worst sins I've commit
I see the twisted faces
of those whose hearts I've broken
I see the devastation caused
by careless words I've spoken
I long to do these differently
I yearn to take it back
I find that hitting bottom
is the opposite of black
These moments make me grimace
and cause a bitter pain
My mind has saved these moments
so I may see them again
But realization cometh
like a flood straight from the sea
How selfish when I see this
that I still just dwell on me

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

National Poetry Month Part 2

April 7th:
The teeth that grit
That jaw that sets
A heart forgives
But ne’er forgets

April 8th:
A day that holds unbridled joy
An end that makes beginnings
There’s finally time to rest your mind
And celebrate your winnings

April 9th:
When you are crying for one you miss
Be sure to count your tears
Let each recall a moment of joy
You felt when they were near

April 10th:
If bending down to touch your toes
Is something you can’t fathom
At least be thankful of the fact
That you even have them

April 11th:
When taking in a wonder
Our eyes are very clever
They blink so we’re reminded
That nothing lasts forever

April 12th:
His love is bigger than my sorrow
His joy is bigger than my pain
His laughter is a voice that bellows
Love’s most perfect of its refrains

Friday, April 8, 2016

Yes You Now

When you had those sweet moments all to yourself
what did your soul try to tell you today
The journey your mind took to its shagri-la
The sweet revelation you sent on its way

You said to yourself it was only a dream
Though blissful it seemed unbelievable
Your life couldn’t handle that much of a change
Twas a glory that seemed unachievable

Still now you can feel it inside of yourself
Don’t deny that it’s still ruminating
It grows deep within like a joy or a pain
A passion that’s real, unabating

So what’s wrong with grabbing it, use both your hands
March with it, see where it could take you
Ply it with work and effort and love
Try to see if those wishes can come true

You may not believe that it’s what you need most
So then why does it fill you with aching
What good does it do to just sit around
And ponder the chance you’re not taking

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

National Poetry Month

I have been writing poems each day for National Poetry Month and posting them on Facebook since not everyone follows me on facebook I figure I would share them here. Here are the 1st six

April 1st:
You need not vibrant lips
to speak of vibrant things
Just something in your heart
that makes it want to sing

April 2nd:
When days are dreary it's hard to see
the joy your life can manifest
So close your eyes and listen for
The dream your heart wants to confess

April 3rd:
A face that’s lined with destinations
Past and yet to come
Lined with joy and consternation
That have and shall be done

April 4th:
Now that spring has donned her crown
And kissed our heavy brow
We shall take our steps through awakened worlds
And conquer them somehow

April 5th:
His smile somehow made the sadness disappear
and blossom with intense pain
at the same time

April 6th:
Sleep prevents my thoughts
And thoughts prevent my sleep
What a time to recollect
the secrets that I keep

Monday, April 4, 2016

When Dreams Get Ugly

It is just a step
that is all you need take
though your legs tend to wobble
as if they would break

Crawl if you must
whatever is needed
to move farther from
what has maimed and impeded

Drag what is left
into a new space
Claw, scream, and fight
this is no time for grace

No matter how much
you have felt it and bled it
this is not the end
until you have said it

Friday, April 1, 2016

Follow me

Follow me said the sun
as it spread out its rays
and bathed me in light
so warm in its way

Follow me said the wind
as it threw back my hair
and blew away cobwebs
I ne'er knew were there

Follow me said the stream
as it twisted along
and the bubbles it made
sang an unyielding song

Follow me said the stars
as they twinkled above
hearing all of the wishes
I had e'er spoken of

Follow me said the moon
casting shadow and shine
fearing no darkness
not even mine

Follow me said my heart
dreams can fade oh so fast
you have to live life
if you want it to last