Sunday, November 7, 2010


Are shitheads. They allow some team of schmucks to come in and tell them what to look like, what to wear, sometimes even who to date and marry. I find it hard to believe that any dream life is worth that bullshit. I think that they hook you with the perks just enough to enslave you. They give you some of the good shit (money,freegifts,outfits onloan from top designers) asap then they hook you with that shit and you will do anything they ask thereafter. That's why many who start early are so fucked up later. They are convinced by those around them that any other way to live is bad. The star often ends up being shitty to those around them because they are not the big shit star they appear to be. They are beneath their agent or manager or whoever has the big job offer they want. They are always second in line to someone else. So when a normal Joe treats them like a normal joe the wrath is unrivaled in it's intensity. They need to feel more important to you cause at work they are not the top of the totem and everyone above them on the totem shits on them regularly. The reason that the celebrity is to blame is that they actually tolerate this shit. They ARE Shitheads.

The End

Friday, November 5, 2010

So I should write a book...

I mean the most vapid people in the world are doing it. Some of them have several. These fake ass celebrities that devour any sense of real life, the kind that poison people by being a role model. You know what though, it's not their fault. They wouldn't be famous unless some idiot hadn't said "I wanna be just like him/her." I want to be famous for nothing. Don't we all? I suppose my options are workout and use steroids until I look like a freak of nature, golddig to feed my habit of platic surgery until I look like a freak of nature, be trashy and constantly aggressive to people that don't deserve it or make a sextape with someone more famous then me. Strangely none of these things appeal to me. I guess the other route I could take is political wherein I would state random things like "Studies show that if you have sex before your married it could set off a nuclear warhead." These studies will have been conducted in my armaggedon dream world where I am lifted to Heaven while all those who saw things differently then are melted down in Satan's giant crock pot of doom. The sad thing is, some nutball would believe me and when they caught their daughter with her high school sweetheart would throw the entire family in the storm cellar filled with bottled water, toilet paper and Spam never to be heard from again. Perhaps this IS the way to go.

I*=whatever random propaganda they were convinced of by any of the following: Parents/Church/Slanted news media/classmates/hollywood/MTV/facebook/Sarah Palin