Thursday, July 29, 2010

Alter Ego

I need to create an alter ego. I actually need to create my old ego. The one that was funny and happy and rebellious and interesting and sexy and confident. Sorry to sound like a girl but I am not happy the way I am and I need to change. I want to shut down my facebook and quit my job and live in the woods as a survivalist at this point but I think it would turn into one of those moments that seemed like a good idea at the time. Instead, I think I will swear off something, maybe all internet aside from email for at least a week. Then I can tackle TV. I need to stop caring about what others think of me but more importantly I need to stop caring what I think of them. When you think of things like that it effects how you act also so fuck that. I think that most social networking is just banality that you don't like at work now available at home. I'd be better off just avoiding it. It actually makes me feel more out of touch with the world. It's time I went underground. My personality needs to be pulled from the ashes and rebuilt. I will be the new million dollar man. Check back for updates;-P