Friday, September 22, 2017


I could tell you of my sons
the bravest two I've known
I could tell you of my friends
and how their needs have only grown

I could talk about myself
of my weight and weakened bladder
but you would only laugh
or at best it wouldn't matter

We know it isn't simple
to fix this kind of system
but why have you dismissed our lives
when you have never lived them

Your lives guided by votes
your hearts tainted by power
You revel in your distant view
from your lonesome little tower

But when our children die
and loved ones are left to suffer
you'll celebrate your bottom line
from behind your golden buffer

Please don't pretend you care
or even speak as if you could
for whatever goals you claim to have
none of them are good

Sunday, September 17, 2017

I Must Write

I must write
Upon these lines
One thousand words
One thousand times
The meaning lost
Emotion spent
All the tears
That came and went
A droning hum
A high pitched whine
A shadow looms
That is all mine
Dark and deep
And all around
Full of smells
Full of sounds
There lives the past
That I have made
That ink and pulp
Have yet to save

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Prettiest of Ponds

The frightened pheasant flutters
Flying in a burst
Startled by the panting fox
Who came to quench her thirst

The female fox is furrowed
Shorter are her days
Lacking will and drive to hunt
On eggs and fruit she’ll graze

A fearful fish feels furtive
Peering at the shore
His gills grow still and silent
For he’s met a fox before

The frog floats on a flower
Singing strong and proud
From time to time he nabs a bug
From the thick and buzzing cloud

The flys all flit and fumble
Done in by graceless genes
You could say they move swift
Though more akin to a careen

The flourishing fans of ferns
Reach widely with their fronds
They add their rich green hues
To this, the prettiest of ponds