Monday, June 6, 2016

Frozen in the Dregs of Dreams

My mind will reel
My heart will pound
Each time my mind
Begins the sounds

The terror thuds
within my chest
It plagues my mind
Fresh from its rest

My fingers long
To claw the air
To thrash out at
The monster there

Sometimes escapes
A gasping cry
My tightening throat
So raw and dry

I lie in wait
No way to fight
this looming fate

With certainty
This is the end
Then suddenly
I move again

The fear subsides
And all is well
Except those moments
Spent in hell

Thursday, June 2, 2016


Through babies and blood
Emotions that flood
I thank your allowance of use

I've hated you strongly
spoke ill of you wrongly
and tormented you with abuse

You've allowed me to dance
and supported my stance
when backing down would have been easy

You've carried this weight
Shown you'll not abate
in moving my heart to what frees me

I've drowned you in blame
And choked you in shame
when really you're quite like a treasure

So I'll show you respect
And no more will inspect
the damage I've done in my leisure