Saturday, December 5, 2009

Late night hysterics

I think that sometimes woman get so used to being young and hot and able to walk all over men and get whatever they want that when they lose the looks or waistline or just the power they don't exactly realize it and then people just find them annoying and bitchy.

It saddens me that there are some songs I hesitate to listen to because of what was happening in my life when I attached to them back then. I don't want those moods back.

I feel somewhat imprisoned by responsibility but I feel more happiness that I can provide what is needed to live for 4 people (for the most part) I just hope that things stay good.

Late night little boy giggles are the best thing in the world. Late night upstairs neighbor thumping is almost the opposite.

I feel very much out of touch with current social trends at the moment, but when I get the urge to try to learn them I immediately feel nauseous.

Sometimes I feel that work ethics are being compromised in the name of "customer service" and I also feel that all these changes are eating away at professionalism. If your wondering if I'm a fogey see above.

Is it coincidence that the people I find immature and lacking in certain qualities are also really fucking annoying.

Is it weird that the people at work I do consider my friends I don't entirely trust how honest they are being with me?

You like to say the word motherfucker, admit it.

When I dyed my hair black the other night the song Mother by Danzig popped into my head. Should I be worried?

Ok, that's it for now.