Saturday, February 27, 2010

Let's see what happens...

Flailing in a sea of coarse realities, hope and dread are neck and neck, the day of telling is soon. The end, the beginning, the day I accept that life is the bane of my existence. Must I know, can't I just go on denying an awful truth? Is it worse if you know? Would that man have still died so soon if he hadn't known about the cancer? I always ask it. He was happy and at peace until he found out the awful truth, then everything fell apart. Life separates into columns and clumps of sense and reason versus emotion and optimism. You search for the information that builds the guillotine for your hope, you search to help and end up slaying optimism. The reality pushed upon you by the professionals, it's important to know, I suppose so that you can suffer appropriately. Loved and lost may not be as good as they say but I guess only time will tell.

*No, as far as I know noone has cancer or is even thought to possibly have cancer.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Either sleep is overrated or life is overrated, I'm still trying to work out which

many of the woman of our current time period are normal weight to obese, but all the magazines and movies have these emaciated looking woman. Do you think that in the old european paintings they were also painting the opposite of their reality and that woman of that time period were actually horribly thin?

Is rich really as awesome as it sounds? I would say yes if you could use the money the way you wanted to.

People complain about how stupid and selfish Americans have become and then they go into a store and give shit to a kid who makes less in a year then they do in a month about some shit that is probably their fault anyways

sometimes i wonder how many people in the world have random sexual encounters with complete strangers, no strings attached on a daily basis

Ah lust...

Such a great and infantile emotion full or drama and turmoil. It can raise a person's emotions to dizzying heights or lower them to cavernous depths. I love the emotion lust. There are surprisingly few, well written songs about lust that I am aware of and some are by the most shameful artists for you to admit you have in your collection,even to your friends. Anyhoo I'm gonna try to write about something lustful right now (not naughty but emotional."

A look exchanged, a hidden smile
a voice with rasp, the face of guile
a secret word, an occluded touch
but ne'er a kiss, that'd be too much
a daydream sweet and tinged with want
it's more like teasing then a taunt
that rush of need, those butterflies
at just the sight of those wishful eyes
but it shall pass, just as before
just aftertaste and nothing more