Friday, December 1, 2017

New website!!

Hello everyone!

This blog has worked really well for expanding my ability to share my work with people all over but I wanted to make an easy to find place with more customizable options so I have created a website. If you like what you have read here so far then check out my new website All new works will be posted there henceforth so come over and check it out!

Friday, November 24, 2017

The Cruelty of Time

The tick and tock
How its hands do mock
Their movement slow and subtle

And slower still
When you’ve had your fill
The minutes seem to double

When a lovely day
Has gone your way
So has it, like the wind

But alas the strife
Of a glacial life
Til the joy returns again

Please slow your gears
Let me feel these years
As more than just a minute

But again I wake
And each tick you take
Feels as though I wasn’t in it

Thursday, November 23, 2017


As we gather our harvest
Of love and of life
As we lay out the plates
And sharpen our knife

We make memories and smells
That comfort our bones
We offer our arms
Our food and our homes

Our own celebration
To remember what matters
To share all life’s gifts
With hugs and on platters

And once bellies bulge
And eyes seek to rest
We feel the true meaning
Of what makes this day best

Love shared by a family
The ones you’ve selected
Regardless of the sustenance
It’s gratitude perfected

Friday, November 17, 2017


I have lost you to the corners
gone without a reason
a fresh and brutal pain
every sunrise, every season

Your face lives on the walls
regardless of location
from new to old I go
such a bitter salutation

You are heard, and seen, and felt
with each one of my moments
but in such a foreign fashion
the ache for you, so potent

I have found you in the corners
I sense that you stay near
An everlasting feeling
so present and so clear

Thursday, November 16, 2017

In Fading Light

In fading light we rambled
Hypnotized by the stars
Washed clean by blue horizons
Unable to see scars

Just silhouettes in motion
Swaddled by the dark
The moon was just then rising
The world no longer stark

The dwindling warmth of daytime
Still comforted our feet
But the night air with its coolness
Made the journey long and sweet

We could see forever
In the multitude of night
We knew life was a struggle
But we decided not to fight

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I Haven't Gone to Sleep Just Yet

I haven’t gone to sleep just yet
So many goals I have not met
And life is but a heavy net
From which I can’t be freed

I’m sure there’s tears somewhere inside
Still waiting, wanting to be cried
Or perhaps they all have dried
Before they’ve met their need

At moments when I should be sleeping
Tis then, my pen longs to be creeping
Scrawling as my thoughts start seeping
From my weary brain

So now I start to add the numbers
How much time left for my slumber
How thick a fog shall I be under
When I rise again

But truth be told ‘tis not a toil
To creatively burn the midnight oil
Another dream fate chose to spoil
In the name of something written

So now i’ll end this incoherence
But surely meet new interference
When sleep at least makes its appearance
I’ll be absolutely smitten

Monday, November 13, 2017

Where the heart lives

Through lips shall pass
Both vows and lies
And eyes will twinkle
And will cry

Hands soft with touch
Or hard in fists
And cheeks both bathed
In tear and kiss

But deep within
Your throbbing chest
Your sweetest dreams
Shall come to rest

With love, like water
To hewn it so
And need, like fire
To make it go

So lips and eyes
And hands and cheeks
Can wear your strength
When heart is weak

And as it’s pounding
Finds its pace
You shall reveal
Its truest place