Sunday, August 1, 2010

Discussions with friends

The thing I fear anytime I am unloading my crap onto a friends are these reactions:

Competition-as I talk about my issues they begin to prattle off their own to the point that it has trasformed into how much their life sucks then you have to try to edge your way back into the conversation. Then you feel like a bitch for redominating even though you intially had the floor.

Trying too hard to fix it for you-the crap receiver tries hard to find a solution to the point that you feel as though they are just trying to make the talk go away.

Cliche responses- I'm not talking the expected I'm sorry or that sucks but more along the lines of "well everything happens for a reason" or "think positive" I'm not buying it and it's not how I feel. If I'm even mentioning it chances are I tried those things already and it didn't work.

Passing out- it has happened before that I was opening up about something really deep and as I talked the person fell asleep. That's a pretty bad rejection.

I dedicate this post to those people who know how to listen and teach me how to listen better by example!!<3