Thursday, March 31, 2016

Me, Myself and She

She lurks in my being
not screaming, instead
she whispers so softly
her words in my head

Her words are like daggers
"I've been here just waiting"
I've known it so long
the loving the hating

How could I embrace her
she'd silly and sappy
she cries when she's mad
and cries when she's happy

She's headstrong and sexy
and thinks so specifically
all that it has been
and all that it could/should be

Endlessly dreaming
constantly yearning
still the words she has spoken
are echoing, burning

If she is the me
that lives deep inside
then I guess I should finally
give this a try

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dark Goddess

I want to fight like I want to fuck
Unfettered and unstoppable
With inherent devastation
Unequaled and untoppleable
I am the Alpha activated
Unfed and untameable
My hunger, underestimated
Unfurled and now unnameable
Brace yourselves for ecstasy
Unseen and undefined
The pain will bring a rhapsody
Unknown and unrefined
Should you hope to tame me
Understand you’ll be unwon
For those who wish to claim me
Are undeniably undone


I feel an urge to fight
To let my power flow
To punch and kick and bite
To let my warrior show
I long to leave my mark
With teeth and claws and bruises
To verify my bark
With the method battle chooses
No sword or ax will triumph
For she who has no options
Wields this primal violence
And has patience not for caution
Just an overwhelming rush
That never will be sated
To rip and tear and crush
Til her need has been abated

Ancient One

I am the storm that savages
I am the kiss that ravages
I am the tree that petrifies
The lightning that electrifies
I am the unavoidable
That makes the pain enjoyable
I am the darkness covering
The doubts that once were hovering
I am the docile courtesan
That quietly disrupts your plans
I am the dream you can’t escape
The tingle itching at your nape
I am the sacred coveted
What was left once sin was shed
I am the crack within the earth
That through my womb instructs rebirth

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring awakens

Her eyes peeked open.
The new light is harsh even when filtered through strains of gloom and cold. She turned on her side but the possibility of sleep is too far diminished to recapture. She laid in her drowsy state, slowly extending her arms for a stretch. She flexed her feet and toes and a soft groan escaped her pink lips. The bed is still so soft and comforting but she knows that the time for sleep is over.

She rolled to her back and and covered her face with her hands, as if hiding from the realization that there is work to do. She drew a deep breath and let it out in a slow sigh, still drunk from her glorious dreams. As the gloom outside began to dissipate the light went from soft to jubilant through her curtains.

She finally shook loose the slumber. It had been a long one and filled with dreams of joy and hope and beautiful colors. One she desperately needed to share with the world. She moved onto to the shower and she took her time there. After such a long sleep she needed to wash away all the stiffness. The water was warm and eased her reawakened muscles. It cleared her head and made the air feel new and fertile.

She called up a strong wind to help dry her. It gusted and whipped around all that had shaken loose. It rearranged things so that they could grow. It also seemed to whisk away the worries that had plagued the land in the days of her slumber. The clouds grew lighter and fluffier. They once again moved with purpose and made room for the sun.

She danced and the change began. Plants bloomed, animals coupled and birthed a new generation. Food supplies were restarted and there was a beauty and newness everywhere one looked. She sang and nature sang back with songs of renewal and repurpose. The once abandoned ideas took on new life. The earth itself took on new life as it found its rhythm within her song. She bid her farewells to her sister who could now start her slumber until she was needed again.

She was filled with gratitude for the rest she had gotten that helped her create again in ways that were more beautiful then before. Yet unseen wonders were now possible. She worked with a desire to outdo her previous years creations, but that was her way. She longed for smiles and joy. She ached for the freedom and renewal she was able to bring to others. Perhaps she went overboard with her expression but it only seemed to delight mankind more each time she did.

As the last petal opened and the last bird hatched she waved hello to her other sister. She had an edge, a fire that could scorch and breed madness. The time for soft touches had come to and end, but the light of the day would continue to reign for a short time longer.

As she waved goodbye to the earth again and retreated to her room she dreamt of the sister she had never met. The one with red hair and a soft heart. The one who made the hardest decisions of all of them and did it with such beauty and dignity. She was her shadow in a way, her darkest sister who was also capable of breathtaking beauty. She envied her color palate but not her purpose. Each sister had her job to do and couldn't imagine doing the other's.

As the sun grew stronger the heat soothed her back into her sleep. As she drifted off she was excited for the dreams to come and pondered what new glory she could bring the world when she awoke again.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Endless Round

My thoughts like a pugilist
knocking me airless
my thoughts are so heavy
but my actions are careless
Ducking and swaying
and doing the dance
but I still feel the blows
and the dumbfounded trance
can't get my focus
can't dodge the fist
the mat is so bloody
from the knuckles I've kissed
but I must stand again
cause the bell just won't sound
and perhaps lumps and gashes
are where answers are found
so I rise once again
and I let the hits come
for this all will resolve
when the pain has gone numb

Thursday, March 24, 2016


We are close like the earth is close to the sun
We are orbiting drawn by our need
Not knowing the impact until we are done
Like the trainer that loosens the lead

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Facadic Bridges

We all have thoughts within our heads
that are wild and weird and loud
but we fear we would be judged and shunned
if we spoke our thoughts out loud

A fantasy or theory
that seems so very foreign
it surely would be met with looks
and words inciting torment

We are not sure if we believe
and yet they are recurring
but we dare not let it trickle out
lest others start inferring

A meaning or interpretation
read upon their faces
A horror they have gleaned from words
that represent just traces

A statement sought within your brain
that's aching to be born
Interpreted as hateful
as ignorance, as porn

Is the truth in their reactions
one that we cannot accept
or is the chasm that's between us
been deceitful of its depth

On this there's no authority
for your brain is your own
So we choose facadic bridges
rather then face life alone

Sunday, March 20, 2016


Full of feelings I have no names for
Painted memories I have no frames for
Stains of past and dregs of future
The drops of blood that escape the suture
Leaving trails, marking paths
Reducing me to just two halves
Missing nothing yet still empty
still the hollow won't exempt me
Tears still shed, heart still broken
The smile I wear a worthless token

Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Dream Repeating

Threaded fingers, mesmerized
Lost within your ravenous eyes
Bodies moving to a rhythm
That makes trespasses feel forgiven

Profoundly feeling this piece of time
Within my skin and up my spine
Soft and hard inside and out
A rapture that can kill the doubt

Soaked in moments quickly fleeting
A flame that bursts, a dream repeating
Collapse into a new addiction
That transcends life’s mundane condition

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


You are not perfect and why should you be
but more importantly why would you be
who was it that told you that it was expected
Someone you know whose shortcomings projected
A movie you saw, or a hot TV show
do they decide or do they just know
Life is more fun when we are unique
it adds something more charisma, mystique
Be bold in your differences, show them with pride
Let all the hidden things in you outside
Leave people gasping, let their mouths hang
Try not to tiptoe, come in with a bang
Redefine beauty with your joyful spirit
Sing your song loud so everyone hears it


Undaunted I stare at you
try not to glare at you
Hoping my look is conveying enough

Your story jumps here to there
Alibi in disrepair
knowing full well I am poised to rebuff

You've underestimated
Just why I've hesitated
Let you exhaust your most fraudulent tongue

Despite what you've spoken
The bond is now broken
Of all of the words you've said I believe none

Sunday, March 13, 2016


Crawl deep into those crevices
that hide the poison thorns
Excavate the premises
that leave you so forlorn
Burn that twisted effigy
you created of your self
Shun the sloth and lethargy
that placed you in this hell
Sacrifice austerities
that bar you from mankind
Break now with impunity
the molds that crush your mind
Venture out among the flesh
they are not all your foe
You'll see how different souls can mesh
if you could just let go

Friday, March 11, 2016


Oh injurious moon
Oh treacherous night
as malevolence blooms
I prepare now to fight

The darkness consumes
all in its path
The terror resumes
with a slow evil laugh

My blade slices swift
The blood warm and surging
its claw now adrift
its agony purging

Its bellow rings loud
through the silence it broke
the sound like a crowd
drowning in smoke

The blade finds its place
upon the beasts neck
and aloft soars its face
hurtling on its trek

A unison thump
twixt its body and head
the thing that went bump
in the night is now dead

Thursday, March 10, 2016


I attack with the power of myself
bestowed by ancestry
grown by life
I have mastered the art of me

Finding Joy

Find the thing that swells your heart
until it almost comes apart
convinced now you could float or fly
the feeling of it makes you cry
Why can't life feel this way each minute
rebuild you life from deep within it
A shining tower built from rapture
so bright other hearts are captured

Let's see what happens

Flung hopes ride gentle breezes
spreading far and wide
some land in ditches
others on mountains
some make it to the stars
but all are heard.

Sunday, March 6, 2016


The aged hand hath writ
a history restarted
full of goons and twits
who exploit the brokenhearted

The paper turns to dust
but the watchful ones remember
when our justice set to rust
and our quiet meant surrender

So spill forth with your words
Wail them if it warrants
so that change can now be culled
from these innundating torrents

Saturday, March 5, 2016


Clawless and clueless
he swipes at his prey
but somehow they feared him
and all shrank away

Giving their power
for it seemed of no use
they abided the roaring
and took the abuse

He wanted to lead them
they all fell in line
not seeing the danger
though they would in time

They blocked the cave mouth
please don't go inside
but they were the victims
of their fears and their pride

So into the maw
they all seemed to vanish
and those who would help
were chastised and banished

In darkness they cowered
convinced by his roar
not realizing there was
no light anymore

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Warrior Woman

The warrior woman emerges each day
stepping her toes to the line
armed with a heart that is open and free
and a wisdom that reaches through time
She never attacks but stonelike she stands
advancing with boldly made steps
She leaves her impression in day dreams and smiles
fueled by the tears she has wept
She loves unabashedly, helps with abandon
and heals with uncowering spirit
Her words work like magic on souls once thought lost
with a truth for those willing to hear it
Queen, witch, or sorceress she pays no mind
to the names that so many have called her
She knows who she is and what she must do
no matter what fate may befall her