Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Now that I'm here...

Crushed by nostalgia and days that have burned
wrinkled and ashy the lessons now learned
buckled by heat and soggy with rescue
smelling the embers could practically cleanse you

Innocence crumbles within my grasp
the newness and wonder I thought would last
but now muddy memories stick to my shoes
spreading apart and coating the clues

At my feet lie the answers of why for the past
occluded with splinters and rubble and glass
Heat that can shatter and flames that explode
all tools to decipher this dastardly code.

This is not personal!

I have many other places to write all my personal jibber-jabber, this space is meant purely for creative writing/fiction. I can be very schizophrenic with my styles is I actually manage to get this going. I may write about things I'm not fond of in a way that makes me seem that I am, I may write about things that I actually know little to nothing about. I may even write a story that seem like it is lifted from the pages of your life and laid bare for all to see. Believe me, this is not intentional no matter how it looks it's really not so if I say something that seems too personal it would be best not to take it that way cause it's probably not even about you.

Will it work?

Will approaching the task of writing a blog get me out of my creative slump? Will it lift me to new heights of genius and ribaldry? Will it give hope to the hopeless and send all evildoers and naysayers back to their hiding places? Will it make you laugh and cry and rethink your whole life as if seeing it through new eyes? Will it start conversations on the issues that  many fear to discuss therefore changing the world for the better and saving all mankind? Will it start a revolution? Will it start a war or will it start the journey to world peace?

probably not any of those things, but enjoy anyways.