Saturday, August 27, 2016

Good Music

It should sound like a wave or a swarm coming forth
With a resonant doom, unmistakable force
Hysterical laughter, equal parts joy and madness
Something to illustrate deep joy and sadness
Parts that seem wrong that could never fit
The thrill of the beast before it has bit
It should form the words for what you can't say
The truth that gets told in some kind of way
The peeling of laughter, of skin, and of paint
And a purity that could make Judas a saint

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


My mind was overboard and swimming
My heart, it raced as if fresh from winning
The end collapsed when it reached the beginning
and all I could think was everything

Monday, August 15, 2016


Creep slowly or he'll hear you
your heart as it is thudding
Your blood rushes so hard
in your ears it sounds like flooding
Your skin so tight and anxious
that the air seems it could burn it
The front door handle looms
but there's too much fear to turn it
You think you hear approaching steps
certain he is lurking
The sounds that pour from quiet
leave you swiveling and jerking
Your stomach is a gymnast
your knees feel weak as straw
You grab the handle tightly
like the clenching of your jaw
You ease the door to open
and run forth toward your future
You may still hold the scars
but there will be no more sutures


I know it's not the perfect place
Perhaps you still could stay
It can get cold or blustery
You could get swept away
The hazards are innumerable
but it still does have some charm
It just needs a little love
though appearance may alarm
It's not as new as it once was
it has some scrapes and cracks
But it's the place I know as home
and there's too much to pack
So here I'll stay and you can too
if you feel so inclined
There is no posh here to be found
but I love it cause it's mine

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Trembling, just a fledgling
to emotions so deep
Warming, to the swarming
butterflies, I can't sleep
Beaming from the dreaming
that my mind does all day
Swooning, birds are crooning
as I'm carried away
Present, I'm a peasant
to the richness of you
Crooked, what your look did
lost 'fore I even knew
Free fall, it has changed all
that my life was before
Splendid, I've been rended
by the joy you implore


The gargantuan footsteps
I have made in my sleep
Turn into promises
I have failed to keep
I need to do more
I want to do better
but my heavy mind
is an anchor, a tether
Reaching and stretching
almost torn to shreds
I swear to reanimate
dreams that lay dead
a perilous ledge
upon which I teeter
My quivering mind
my greatest defeater

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Parting of Ways

His knuckles white with sentiment
for the love had long since died
but the pain of it was evident
as he held the rose and cried

She slipped away without a tear
as he helplessly lamented
His empty gestures all those years
half-heartedly presented

He had given all the things
they said a woman wanted
Flowers, dinners, sparkly rings
Now atop her vanity haunted

He did not know a life without
a lady left in waiting
One who would not cry or pout
from occasional berating

One who always jumped to meet
His every beck and call
One who felt a love so sweet
when it was not there at all

She had tired deep inside
of endless hope and trying
The man she chose to stand beside
silent and complying

She had been spent, ignored and used
yet paraded at his whim
and though her flesh was unabused
it may as well have been

She felt it in her body
when 'ere he cut her down
His manner cruel and haughty
like he scraped her from the ground

So with the clothes upon her
she told him she was leaving
She had never been so sure
her defiance left him seething

He screamed at her initially
mockingly he pleaded
She carried on officially
and his anger soon receded

She swung aside the heavy door
and there a car was waiting
He grabbed a rose, as to implore
but his tears, to her, were grating

She climbed inside the taxi
and felt a freedom grow within
Now he could finally see
what it was like to be with him

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mayor Willy Wompett

Mayor Willy Wompett
Was the head of Wompettburg
But just what is a wompett?
Well it’s really quite absurd

Their head is really large
But their faces really tiny
Their hair is very brittle
But their skin is very shiny

Their body arms and legs
Are sized like normal human portions
But their faces always rest themselves
In rageful scowled contortions

Their hands are quite diminutive
For such a full sized fellow
And the color of their skin
In a sickly orange yellow

But Willy was the best of them
At least in his own mind
He saw himself a leader
Who was faithful, smart, and kind

Alas the other wompetts
Told quite a different story
His focus was attention
Celebrity and glory

While he stood above a crowd
He thought his speeches jovial
But the others coined a term
Many said that he was blovial

He’d talk and talk and talk
Never really making sense
Telling wompetts in a scary world
He was their one defense

No one would dare to cross him
He’d know just what to do
And work them to a frenzy
With his trite hullabaloo

Some grew tired of his words
And tired of the terror
Some saw that many things he said
Were rife with blatant error

Those who parted ways with him
Would suffer his disdain
Red faced with disparagement
Some saw him as deranged

The other nearby ‘burgs and ‘villes
Did worry for the wompetts
It couldn’t be a happy life
With a leader who’s so pompous

But the loyal wompetts scoffed at them
And claimed they were misled
But as the speeches prattled on
A different feeling spread

They tired of the hatred
From this tiny minded twit
Exhausted from the idea
That the downtrodden were nits

They knew hard times could happen
To almost anyone
Except the pulpit speaker
No matter what he’d done

Born into a fortune
Empire built on lies
Willy wasn’t like them
He lived off the little guys

He paid his workers peanuts
And dined on caviar
And never once has thanked them
For getting him this far

He made entire fantasies
Seem like they had occurred
Oblivious to the ire
That these stories had incurred

He shamed all those against him
Even those who were respected
And yet when wompetts angered
He found it unexpected

Election time was coming
And so many found him silly
But could they save dear Wompettsburg
From such a giant Willy?

Friday, August 5, 2016

My Own Hand

These sour feelings
hatch from me
This bitter mood
claws itself free
Until the ugly
Until the yowling
It's not so hard for me
you see
But still this anger
seeps from me
It could be days
until I'm clear
The aggravation
draws me near
Some form of stunted
ambling grief
This deep dark place
feels like relief
So I attack
before it can
And take the blows
from my own hand

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Dancing at sundown
rising at dawn
Stopping to stare
at the flowers and fawns
Dressing up dapper
for your own amusement
Contemplate those things
that cause you bemusement
Roll down a hill
like you did when once young
Don't shy away
from what looks like great fun
Try to say yes
more then you say no
Find joy where you are
when you've nowhere to go
Pamper yourself
spoil a stranger
Try to see love as a gift
not a danger
The meaning of life
becomes more apparent
When you do the things
that others call errant

Bad Jokes

Why does one get so defensive
when they are told they've been offensive
this reaction leaves me pensive
I have felt it too

It could be they just didn't know it
Lest they'd be afraid to show it
Fearing they would likely blow it
what is one to do

Some don't feel that it is wrong
If you don't like it move along
You hate my joke then bang a gong
Why are you so serious

If one you love or like at all
looks at you as if appalled
or maybe just their posture falls
It isn't so mysterious

So choose your words just like your friends
For they can help you in the end
When you mess up then make amends
perhaps they'll understand

You cannot know all that they've seen
Few folks have spent each day serene
Many more see hate obscene
so help them if you can