Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I Haven't Gone to Sleep Just Yet

I haven’t gone to sleep just yet
So many goals I have not met
And life is but a heavy net
From which I can’t be freed

I’m sure there’s tears somewhere inside
Still waiting, wanting to be cried
Or perhaps they all have dried
Before they’ve met their need

At moments when I should be sleeping
Tis then, my pen longs to be creeping
Scrawling as my thoughts start seeping
From my weary brain

So now I start to add the numbers
How much time left for my slumber
How thick a fog shall I be under
When I rise again

But truth be told ‘tis not a toil
To creatively burn the midnight oil
Another dream fate chose to spoil
In the name of something written

So now i’ll end this incoherence
But surely meet new interference
When sleep at least makes its appearance
I’ll be absolutely smitten

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